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Petty to The Whoopi Shirt very end over million people voted for this moron and still support him cant take an l. Like a professional so has to cling to unfounded and baseless claims of election fraud how low america has sunk. It amazes me that the republicans do not seem to see how trump has emasculated them why are they not. Using this loss to get out from under his noxious mantel before they end up in prison like many before. Them cohen warned them trump refusal to concede is sigh that biden and democrats stole this election but thats just.Whoopi Longsleeve

Whoopi Shirt is Available In All Styles

What they had in mind only a plan that will fail miserably mark my words this fight has just begun. Trump will prevail trump it does not matter how if votes came in before a certain time or after he. Would probably losehe needs to except your done like every other president go live your lifeit is so many things. Wrong with him just take that you lost this election i wouldnt call half of The Whoopi Shirt country and possibly more. An embarrassment isnt it the people who voted for their candidate who are pushing to have their democratic rights respected.Whoopi Sweater

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Its called democracy funny how all The Whoopi Shirt states trump has won are not being questioned if the democrats were going. To rig the election they didnt really make a good job of it did they most corrupt regimes who rig. Their elections usually have the winner winning by plus what makes this effort on behalf of trump so funny is. That none of the other issues or elections on the same ballot are contested in any way why arent they. Investigating trumps win of after all that vote suppression he implemented to those on here who demand a recount elections.Whoopi Hoodie In third world countries are often overseen by un referees to ensure fair play The Whoopi Shirt usa not being third world. I assume has no need for such as it is renowned for having a fair election system now are you. Saying trump has presided over a period of time during which the election system has been downgraded and the usa. Should now be regarded as a third world country trump is shamefully acting his second option dubious script and some. American applauding him on this this is setting a terrible precedent for democracy around the world this is not the.Whoopi Tank Top

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