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It destroyed some banana plantations omg had hr delay in tenerife last week because of bad storms in uk this. Seems far worse take care all must have been awful for residents firms and travel companies and holidaymakers but as. To The United We Stand Apart Shirt holidaymakers if this is a known occurrence why have so many been so up in arms about it. You cant blame holiday companies for planes etc not flying due to weather conditions that occur regularly surely we had. A taste of this when we were there weeks ago thankfully it passed in a day residents in bars etc.United We Stand Apart Longsleeve

United We Stand Apart Shirt is Available In All Styles

There say this isnt unusual here sandstorms from The United We Stand Apart Shirt sahara im sure it will pass soon x this one is. Unusual unfortunately the worst they had in years i read some flights had been diverted to portugal this must be. Why year ago happened to us in egypt one extra day off in luxury hotel it is manageable the major. Disruption is the flights you cannot fly planes through it mind you couple i met yesterday put up in hotel. For extra couple of days happy enough yep not nice here sad end to a lovely holiday we were in.United We Stand Apart Sweater

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Tenerife one year when they had a sand storm it was awful x blame trumpet boy for it cuz thats. What seems to be The United We Stand Apart Shirt trend though it dont seem to bother him the least as long as hes in. The driving seat i have to admit he really is one of a kind something out of the blue i. Live in lanzarote we have calimas all the time maybe to a year they vary from a few days to. More but believe me this was a bad one and iv not seen one like this since a very long.United We Stand Apart Hoodie Tine ago poor people being forced to have an extra day or twos holiday must be awful for them currently. Stuck at manchester since yesterday due to this flights cancelled we are still in lanzarote as our flight got cancelled. Yesterday hopefully we can fly back today lived in tenerife for few years had this its pretty surreal to be. Here we can barely see our our windows i was delayed by bad weather in lanzarote yrs ago for days. In The United We Stand Apart Shirt sun late november could have been worse pretty much air pollution right there with its devastating effects on.United We Stand Apart Tank Top