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As successful as he claims prior to this bombshell was conned good god would you stop with The Together For Change Shirt donating his. Salary it doesnt come close to the millions that hes embezzled do the math his hotel in vancouver just closed. And this great news from nyt hit great timing hes the con man i all ways thought he is it. Time for a nother impeachment and jail time it is our business if you bothered to read the information you. Would know he has been borrowing from foreign sources massive amounts of money that puts him at their mercy and.

Together For Change Sweater

Together For Change Sweater

Together For Change Shirt is Available In All Styles

Us at risk he lied when he claims to be great business man he is a crappy business man and. Crappy human being this is just The Together For Change Shirt beginning we cant stop with this put the boot on trumps neck and. Dont take it off till hes out of the white house that is why he is using his family to. Get rich while he is in power grab and go president he created somuch chaos with no checks and balances. The orange man will be spending sometime with his pals in an orange suit after a life time of shafting.

Together For Change Longsleeve

Together For Change Longsleeve

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Small family business i think it is what is known as justicelock him up his image is still more tarnished. By his personality he made his money our business thats The Together For Change Shirt whole point here now somehow his fake image and. Fake news is inevitably our business too luckily we put this speculation to rest and wait till he fakes something. Else is how he has squandered our tax funds on his weekly golf outings our business it is our money. Its everyones business when he robs this country but demands we pay taxes hes a conman thief but it is.

Together For Change Hoodie

Together For Change Hoodie

Our business its our business because he is our president and what hes done personally with his business shows us. What kind of a person he is that we cannot trust with matters of our country his decisions reflect his. Experience on how hes handling business matters in your eyes he can do no wrong or you dont want to. See im sure if he was able to sell puerto rico like he wanted that money would wind up in. His bank account whats that you mean The Together For Change Shirt liar lied about his business acumen and success shocking curious why there.

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