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Good trouble lewis gone cummings gone these old people in congress wont leave they think those seats are theirs until. Death sickening in attendance presidents bush clinton and obama trump could not make it still wainting for his exorcism for. The love of god somebody dig a hole its been days of funeral enough is enough you will be missed. John and congress needs to pass The Stay In Your Lane Shirt newly renamed john lewis voting rights act into law as quickly as it. Can hope they got a mask on and stay feet apart john lewis did more to divide america than unite.Stay In Your Lane Hoodie

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It mlk gave him a paththen he became a politicianhow sad if we could only bring back strong heros like. John lewis john mccain and others to help us rebuild when this nightmare is over did he call for burning. Things down and killing police because i think someone thinks he did cnn why do yall have poppy and jim. Covering this funeral The Stay In Your Lane Shirt last general in the fight for equality your leadership will be missed years with obama and. Our cities are burning nice job hack freedom is ringing with rioting looting and crazy protesters terrible the man walked.Stay In Your Lane Longsleeve

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Through life looking mad as hell thank our fore fathers they created The Stay In Your Lane Shirt nation from the beginning up to healthy. The world lazy self centered career politician who danced around dc for decades and let his district slide into misery. He didnt care about his constituents and theyre fools for praising him why dont you post a photo of bernell. Trammell the black supporter of president trump who was murdered in wisconsin and why hasnt cnn reported anything about his. Death didnt his life matter yet lewis was one of the dem elders who did a sit in protest on.Stay In Your Lane Tank Top The floor of The Stay In Your Lane Shirt house one of the infamous big six all this next chapter verbosity lewis made a career. Out of racebaiting let freedom ring go climb up the federal house set fire to buildings bash the police u. Get yr freedom he was a real murder of unborn you were sure he was going to loose last timewhat. The left needs to do is go to the school of hate at cnn and they will teach you how. To hate even more put the dude in the ground already he was good at what he did spreading hate.Stay In Your Lane Sweater