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Society lets him pay up first this man has millions and millions put into The Peace Love Chiefs Shirt company or sell his island. After the way he treated his staff no way x sell your assets first more important things happening in world. Right now branson needs to sell his own assets to save his company just like everyone else especially those that. Dont want to sue the nhs which is british tax payers money in the end lives in a tax havensued. The nhsno end to the mans greed the cost of this pandemic will be massiveethics aside we probably cant afford.Peace Love Chiefs Longsleeve

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To bail out private companies i dont know why people that running these companies are not held accountable massive debts. Build up if they not making money run them different make changes this is not down to coronavirus richard branson. Is probably The Peace Love Chiefs Shirt worst human being on the planet he dodges tax lives on a private island sued the nhs. And subsequently recieved an undisclosed sum in taxpayers money and now he has the audacity to beg the government for. A bailout branson let his staff go with no pay tell the billionaire he and his investors can fund it.Peace Love Chiefs Sweater

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Themselves use The Peace Love Chiefs Shirt money you ripped of from the nhs the sky is much clearer with out planes in the. Air anyway so we are not going miss one aviation company anyway branson has plenty of wealth to fall back. On after all he sued the nhs for money what with his media airlines medical music etc he can afford. To ride out the storm bailout to then do what there shouldnt be any flights dont understand how a multi. Million pound company can ask for a bailout how about branson tries living on the per month ill be getting.Peace Love Chiefs Hoodie At some point in The Peace Love Chiefs Shirt future all employees will be receiving of their salary hell have enough to live on. Im sure terrible experience twice with them treated with arrogance and bravado and i fly a lot and rarely have. Had any issues with other airliners worth stressing for still feel bad for people losing their jobs but wont cry. Over richard feeling sad in location private island hes a billionaire why should the government bail him out travesty help. His workers instead because he wont why would you help someone who recently sued the nhs for broken contract how.Peace Love Chiefs Tank Top