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Aww so sad thats its come to this barbara is a national treasure and she is loved by many scott. Has been her rock through this and its probably been a very hard decision to make but one that was. Best for both of them its so sad you have done an amazing and incredible job for your lovely wife. Barbara windsor who is an beautiful lady my thoughts are with you so sad lovely couple my heart goes out. To scott as it must feel like a loss that nobody can fill so very sad hope she gets the. The Mickey Mouse Death Shirt, Awesome and fashionable T-Shirts of you.Mickey Mouse Death Longsleeve

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Best care like all dementia patients deserve its a terrible thing xx this was reported days ago old news bless. You babs such an awful decision to make but if barbara now needs hr specialist care The Mickey Mouse Death Shirt only decision i. First saw her in carry on films poor babs the worse thing at present in care homes is the not. Being able to visit i have not seen my mum except in photos since march it is a long time. And she suffers from vascular dementia so i worry that she has deteriorated much more than when i saw her.Mickey Mouse Death Sweater

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Last just so sad and a horrible illness thinking of you both xx feeling sad for you both take care. Soo very sad soo yet so public i hope they take care of her why is she moving into a. Nursing home why cant her husband take care of her and get The Mickey Mouse Death Shirt staff in what about her children shows. How messed up situations there are division evidance of the devils work yeah just shack up your parent in a. Home wonder if they would like it if they were put in a home by their parent oh but its.Mickey Mouse Death Hoodie Like a on going holiday you get everything done for you i start reading comments i like them and just. Before i click that like button they mention god and spoil it all it does not make any sense to. Me to move his wife to a care home if he can afford to pay for same services in the. Comfort of their home barbara we love you as you are and will remember you as you were i would. Have thought she had enough money to avoid a care home and just have round The Mickey Mouse Death Shirt clock nurses with family.Mickey Mouse Death Tank Top