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A extremely high false positive rate non sick sheep going to get tested due to all media around us bombarding. Us with crap and The Live Love Bark Shirt government using any sort of numbers they can do boost their vaccine plan things are. Getting pretty nasty too here in france figures soaring so what of the uk population has herpes no one dies. And will live with it for the rest of their lives why dont you talk about the death rate instead. Of cases and stop spreading lies i wonder why hmm everyones saying there exempt when they have no proof and.Live Love Bark Tank Top

Live Love Bark Shirt is Available In All Styles

Just laugh in ur face and not following The Live Love Bark Shirt rules just shut it alldown allready its the only way people. Will learn the hard way ive lost people thru this crappy covid and idiots still arent taking it serious its. Lifes at risk come on wake up more fake news my child had flu but was told she had covid. Stop scaremongering already weve had enough hope things get back normal after the lockdown i really miss english premier league. The crowd i absolutely love the facebook experts they seem to know more than any qualified person next time im.Live Love Bark Longsleeve

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Ill im not going to The Live Love Bark Shirt doctors im asking people on here restrictions implemented too late and relaxed too early. A world beating incompetent track and trace system the cummings effect and dido hardings incompetence drive the mess because boris. And hancock have abdicated all responsibility we in sa were always given positive cases every day and they seemed so. High but ask them what the recovery rates are those were high too positive doesnt mean you are going to. Get sick or die coz people are not not following basic guidelines happy days we must be getting close to.Live Love Bark Hoodie Herd immunity with these numbers people who put laughing face whats funny when people are dying sickmentally sick people who. Find this problem funny i dont know where The Live Love Bark Shirt bbc gets that figure from but certainly not here httpscoronavirusdatagovukcases i. Thought the masks and socialist distancing would keep us safe sarcasm stop the fear mongering report on joe bidens corruption. As does suicide deaths cancer deaths and flu deaths and all of this after we were asked to maskup proving. The point that masks do not work what works is social distancing and avoiding large crowds and also hand washing.Live Love Bark Sweater

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