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To destroy their states economies as they beg for bailouts that wont be coming reopening with no vaccine an action. For more deaths httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvtkuoblhcwts sick of seeing money over life hasnt it always been or there wouldnt be millions of. Starving children shame you people are all hypocrites sell your car and send The Death Defund The Police Shirt money to africa remember life before. Money does that include the white house lets open it up first nutjobs on the right nutjobs on the left. A country tearing itself apart and then theres the virus come here in madagascar we have a cure for covid.Death Defund The Police Sweater

Death Defund The Police Shirt is Available In All Styles

The question you should be asking is how many people had The Death Defund The Police Shirt virus and recovered at home starting back in. December forward my son got tested to see if he had the virus he was sick back then but he. Thought he had the flue lots of people many have been exposed thats how it spread before we started testing. Or even new it was here year end million people die what is solution trump say u should ask china. I will no responsible this america people die china will take care america people hello america life must get back.Death Defund The Police Longsleeve

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To normal do or die he lives a genocide when it happens we can name it after him reopening with. Safety measures is what needs to happen this virus is going to be here for a while so better to. Gear up to deal with it than sit home indefinitely safely hold on to your butts its not every day. Leaders try to kill their own citizens hitler mao stalin spring to mind stone head yay capitalism httpswwwfacebookcomvideosvhe no words. Well on The Death Defund The Police Shirt way to be one term president thank god now thats a threat he is making to the.Death Defund The Police Hoodie American people he is insane god help us wwgwga httpswwwimdbcomttmediaviewerrm devineintervention deliverusfromrepublicanevils once again thankyou mindless thank you president trump. Trump finallyyyyy good job boss lame duck catch covid mr trump and die boris and trump have been talking the. Guy is a buffoon stay safe world see ya trump douche trump just as stupid as boris johnson go donald. I wish we could just be rid of him ohhh not good excellent ahhh all you dems can stay home. Thats your right profits profits profits gina profits profits profits america and trumps mouth you just cant keep them shut. The Death Defund The Police Shirt, Awesome and fashionable T-Shirts of you.Death Defund The Police Tank Top