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To bail out this very wealthy man i think its terrible that branson put all workers on weeks unpaid leave. In The Cucumber Joe Shirt early days of coronvirus is there no savings in the bank where is the cash for a rainy. Day what is the business model where you have no cash to pay staff virgin needs to fail and let. Someone else in the competition take it cant be having curious business models of thhee super rich flouting the system. And purging the public purse is branson taking the piss hes already asked staff to take an week unpaid holiday.Cucumber Joe Longsleeve

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He already has billion plus whats he going tocross with it hes already said doesnt believe in leaving an inheritance. To his children no pockets in shrouds as if branson needs a bail out could probably bail his own company. Out times over what about The Cucumber Joe Shirt people the government are not helping who may end up destitute branson should be. Ashamed of himself throwing his staff under the bus and then asking for public money to bail him outis he. Still suing the nhs make branson dig in his pockets bc fed up with rich ripped off merchants taking hard.Cucumber Joe Sweater

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Working uk taxpayers fira ride give him help but make him pay The Cucumber Joe Shirt money back with all the interest hand. Over all assets and company and yes bail them out once the government gets the money back sell it back. To them he needs to put his hands i his own pocket for a change and keep his hands out. Of ours how long are we going to support billionaires on the scraps that most normal people earn try reading. The article branson has made million available to the virgin group its very difficult as a government to support one.Cucumber Joe Hoodie Company without giving it a competitive advantage im sure The Cucumber Joe Shirt government will be investigating all the airlines to see if. They were technically solvent before covid the staff will be paid by govt branson is a billionaire who owns virgin. Why should the govt support a tax exile from bvi surely if the govt have to bail out yet another. Airline they would choose easyjet and ba i feel sorry for the staff but branson wanting financial help let him. Bail out the company by sticking his hand in his pocket not one penny use bransons billions first then when.Cucumber Joe Tank Top