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Suits and sitting in fancy offices they impose wars in countries like afghanistan syria and iraq to pursue their political. And financial agendas greed has blinded humanity and corruption has replaced justice why do these people in charge of a. Country feel it is ok to do this to other humans these children are living in constant fear its just. Horrendous cant begin to imagine what their parents must be feeling its a mad mad world and everyone cries over. These innocents until they try to come here to safety and yet trump supporters here in america want to send. The Canada Flag Trucker Shirt, Awesome and fashionable T-Shirts of you.Canada Flag Trucker Hoodie

Canada Flag Trucker Shirt is Available In All Styles

Them back but at The Canada Flag Trucker Shirt same time are denying women the rights to have a abortion seems to me prolifers. Like to protect the baby before it comes out but have no problems sending kids to their deathsjust saying ah. Yes the forever war that almost no americans support in a country like that wtf are they still having kids. For in a country where children hardly learn to write but only are instructed to karaokestyle repeat socalled holy texts. This doesnt surprise me look at the socalled holy land why is it holy because it has caused so much.Canada Flag Trucker Tank Top

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Spilling of blood nobody calls for example greenland holy land why yet so many people dont seem to understand why. People flee their war zone or poverty countries leave their birth country n families not just for greed for survival. X imagine The Canada Flag Trucker Shirt same frustration in the us when the drug gangs wont stop fights over dope territory with their. Stray bullets killing kids when when the liberals they vote for beg them to stop and they keep the police. At bay by threatening violence which cant be used against them people in the englishspeaking parts of cameroon live in.Canada Flag Trucker Longsleeve Constant fear of being killed and their houses burnt by The Canada Flag Trucker Shirt army the way some people comment here is like. There countries were heaven from day one do some research then comment afghanistan is not a country but lions den. Is there leaders in this world why then all these atrocities in shaa allah a day will come when whole. America will pay for its wrongdoings when would those idiots wakes up and not fights but to generate economy for. Alls who created this situationthe countries who shout for and teach us humanity a right to life issue for usa.Canada Flag Trucker Sweater

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