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Know all of his previous statements have turned to but hey maybe this one will come true trump should take. The first vaccine dose this pos will say anything to help win reelection even if it means people dying mr. President i think am finding it difficult to believe what ever you say this days but you just have to. Be right here sire The Can I Pet Dat Dawg Shirt sad fact is a lot of americans do believe him hes so bloody embarrassing not. A bloody clue election would be over by thenhow convenient hell say anything for votes ive never seen a person.Can I Pet Dat Dawg Hoodie

Can I Pet Dat Dawg Shirt is Available In All Styles

I hate more than him sad man sad voters for this sad mand sad party behind this sad man hes. Had his minutes now that poor dr behind has covered his face with The Can I Pet Dat Dawg Shirt mask and cant correct mr presidents. Wrong promises anymore factual hyperbole his specialty lets hope so probably wont happen but i do appreciate the positive outlook. I dont even know why anything this man says is reported mind you he does make me laugh bleach doesnt. Count mr p i have a question why media cover his funny talk he says whatever enters his conniving weird.Can I Pet Dat Dawg Longsleeve

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Mind he thinks itso it must be true someone needs to put a muzzle on him hopefully another president will. Be delivering them lol he will probably make The Can I Pet Dat Dawg Shirt vaccine himself and it will include some bleach detergent shampoo soap. Lol april fools a bit early in trumps house liaryou keep spouting bs in hopes that people will believe it. And reelect you you wouldnt know the truth even if it bit you on your big orange a he is. Wearing a mask so he can laugh and not be judged right hell release his tax returns too he doesnt.Can I Pet Dat Dawg Tank Top Have a clue about anything he also thinks he will win reelection lol yep just like The Can I Pet Dat Dawg Shirt endless ppe testing. Yes yes we believe he can offer himself for testing and he can start now what about one for cancer. Insane old man shouts lies to sheeple news at hes such a clown then makes up even more crap to. Cover up the crap he said in the first place how does he know this becomes more of a hoax. That ever thought jh thats not what science says but whatever so basically no vaccine in rule of thumb accept.Can I Pet Dat Dawg Sweater