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Please remember how crap The Bauherrin Shirt westminster government has been same thing as china still fewer deaths than the official uk. Figure nooooo really but they seem like such an honest government iran will not be the only country reporting reduced. Numbers of deaths no surprise there id imagine a lot of countries have lied its not like iran have covered. Anything up before how about you challenge your own governments farcical catastrophic handling of the crisis how on earth bbc. Found about iran when you dont have an office in iran unless your spying fake news hardly a suprise think.Bauherrin Hoodie

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The overall number is much higher than reported from many countries i would say The Bauherrin Shirt same for the uk i. Dont trust the data the media are pumping out is anyone remotely surprised what about all the fake covid death. All over the world shame the bbc doesnt put the same amount of effort and licence payers resources into holding. Our own government to account in this article swap iran for england and the result is the same phenhs ons. Daily briefingsdepartment for health all report different figures so someone anonymous thought they would contact the bbc rather than a.Bauherrin Tank Top

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Channel from their own country and say they have reports of The Bauherrin Shirt government hiding true figures really yup just like. Bbc cover up of jimmy savile and the likes a bbc investigation found start investigating whats going on in your. Own corporation and the uk and yous might get people believing what yous post out we knew this same thing. Happening in africa corrupt governments thousands too scared to be tested dying not reporting even because no facilities to deal. With it or give help so why report or even be tested wow if only the bbc could investigate the.Bauherrin Sweater Massive fraud in our numbersor is it only when The Bauherrin Shirt official figures are too low that they investigate sadly im. Not surprised i remember being horrified when i saw tv pictures of the huge queues of cars at motorway toll. Booths at new year awful yes they are so corrupt that they have hidden death figures well below those of. England what about holding our government to account we didnt get gaslighted into voting for the iranian government this is. A perfect example of why the figures from every country should be taken with a massive pinch of salt personally.Bauherrin Longsleeve