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Public money ceo compensation is redirected to support workers and The All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Shirt big boss is paid like an upper echelon public. Servant job done sorry hes a private company with millions behind him the rest of us mere mortals are going. To lose everything because of this its not the governments fault they are already paying his staff of their lost. Wages by the government i mean us the tax payer so no richard branson we wont bail you out i. Feel sorry for the staff but branson wanting financial help when he sued the nhs and avoids paying tax is.All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Sweater

All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Shirt is Available In All Styles

Sickening as all his staff are on unpaid leave and have been since The All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Shirt beginning why should the taxpayer bail. Out the billionaire who sued the nhs help for firms should be limited to the amount of uk taxes they. Pay the government is paying his staff by so why should they help him out when they wouldnt help the. Other airlines its not as if hes poor think he needs to sell off his own assets first to bail. Himself out because thats exactly what ordinary folk have to do in difficult times dont give him a penny until.All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Tank Top

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He has done that although im sure selling The All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Shirt odd island yacht or house would soon swell his coffers and. He will be financially back on course if you dont pay taxes here then you shouldnt get a bailout here. Billionaires can bail themselves out simple solution corporate bailouts should be capped at a of how much tax theyve paid. In the last x years with the climate emergency as it is a reduction in airlines wouldnt do any harm. Come back when electric airliners can cross the atlantic airlines make billions a year and they cant survive a few.All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Longsleeve Weeks of shutdown put some money aside for a rainy day thats what they tell us peasants surely The All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Shirt owner. And guy who makes the most from the company should bail it out not the tax payer and customers we. Can bail out but first the island is sold all your assets are handed over oh wait of course that. Would never happen so the guy who sued the nhs and dodges taxes and wont pay his staff wants some. Money bit rich richard branson deserves no bailout and shouldnt get one the way he has treated his employees the.All Jokers Smiling Hahaha Hoodie